Murder Under the Big Top

June 8th

Anxious to bolster his small, dog-and-pony show-like circus to a spectacle rivaling Ringling Brothers, Harold Hargove’s desperate attempts to lure audiences with jaw-dropping attractions have created rivalries that extend beyond the center ring. As the pressure builds for everyone–performers, guests, and managers– a murder is committed that steals the show… and you are left to uncover the culprit before the final act. Discounted tickets are on sale until May 19th, the Price is $10, after the 19th they go up to $15. If you would like to take part and be one of the suspects let Katy know we have male and female parts.

The fun starts at 6 with a social time and instructions. This will be a 3 course meal with the murder and questioning of the suspects taking place during the meal.  This will be a circus theme and we will have a prize for the best costume for male and female.